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Your Business Card Is Your Marketing Tool

Being an entrepreneur, you must be handing out and receiving tons of personalised business cards all the time. If you look in your office drawers, on your desk, in your wallet, then you will likely find a stack of these mini cards. These personalised business cards are available to you at a moments’ notice, just in case you need to hand one over to a potential client. We debate so much about the necessity of mini business cards for our business. How often though do we really consider the importance of them as a marketing tool?

We all have been thinking of personalised business cards as just a piece of paper used for keeping up business protocol. Perhaps it’s time to start seeing them as more than that however. It’s time to see them as a great tool to help market your business and attract more clients. There is a reason that we still hold on to cheap mini business cards, even as the world becomes more digital.

In this blog I am going to talk about some ideas that can help you to increase your sales.

Choose A Purpose For Your Personalised Business Cards

personalised business crads

The classic idea is that are simply a way to communicate your brand to other people. However, try thinking outside the box and using your business cards to introduce your company in a new and interesting way. Try to make your mini business cards stand out with vibrant colours or interesting designs that are eye catching. Or, perhaps try and to create multi-purpose mini business cards. They can be used as tickets to events ran by your company, or free bookmarks in relevant material. 

The idea is to use the Business Cards in a new way that gets peoples attention. They will remember the business card and by extension, your business.

Use Them As An Incentive

Everyone likes to be pampered in one way or another. Incentives are always being used by companies to enhance the performance of their employees. The same can be the case with cheap mini business cards. By offering a coupon or voucher with your business card, people are more likely to remember the company instead of throwing it away. This is a great way to not only spread awareness of your brand, but also entice people to your website or to buy your products.

Add A Testimonial

personalised business cards

Simply handing someone a business card will tell them about your business and maybe give an idea of your businesses style. What it won’t do, however, is tell them what previous customers think of your business. Customers like reviews to help them when making a choice of business or service. Your business card likely has a blank space on the back. This can be a great place to put a small review or testimonial from a previous customer. It can help to build up your credibility and trust within the sector and has a great impact on potential customers.

Affiliation With Social Work

People who support a social cause can leave a great impact on other people. Nowadays, business goes hand-in-hand with social work. If you help such a cause; something that drives you to work for society, you can mention it on your card.

For instance, you could mention your membership with any philanthropist organisation. This allows the recipient to get to know you, both as a professional and a person.

Take Advantage Of The Handing Over

There is more to a useful Business Card than just handing them out. Make the exchange of Business Card the start of a conversation. Ask about their business and what they’re looking for. Ensure that you explain the message of your business when you hand over your card. You want to ensure they remember you when they see the card again later on.

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