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Top Tips When Designing The Perfect Mini Business Card

Designing the ideal business card for your company or brand is not as easy as it sounds. In the space of 85mm x 55mm, you need to fit your brand description and details seamlessly. To get people calling or dropping an email, Inteleprint has created this handy guide on how to create a mini business card that attracts potential customers.

What To Add In?

This may seem quite obvious to some, but at times we focus only on the design and our focus moves away from the information we need people to get from it. Your business card should include the following:

  • Your Name
  • Contact Number
  • Website Address
  • Email
  • Company info and logo.

Regarding the primary function of a business card, this will help you in getting the message clear. A good business card must strike a balance between the functionality and aesthetics. Use your design and branding as a medium to structure your details in a way that it goes beyond just presenting your contact information.

Express A Clear Brand Message

Your business card is an essential extension of you and your brand. It must express a clear message about the brand and should be consistent in everything else it tells you, and reflect how you want to be seen as a brand in the eyes of your potential customer.

If you offer other marketing materials, make sure you use the same colours, imagery and fonts to steer the direction of design into fine tune your brand with your tagline and logo making a sturdy appearance. Even there is still more to contemplate than a plan, if you are a quality brand, printing your cards on a quality stock thick paper immediately gives a message of the high standard that you work hard to offer.

Keep It Simple

While it’s essential to add your contact info, the most frequent mistake when designing mini business cards is embracing too much on. Stick to the primary information above to avoid any overcrowding a small space, when it comes cheap mini business cards less info is better.

So don’t be afraid of all that white space! Instead of using all the area, a little bit space will make your business card easy to read keeping your brand clean and crisp. You need your contact details to look different so your customers can find the information they need instantly.   

Design To The Right Size And Get The Sketch Right

A business card size is not always standard, the range of shapes and sizes vary from your standard 85mm x 55mm square to mini size, so keep this in mind when designing your cards. Even though there are more options to play with, what works best on a classic card might not go well with a square, and when it comes to a mini card, there is less space. So adjust your designs to make your brand work on all the variations.

Creative Design

The most effective business card has a proper sharp design which carefully works around your brand, but still offers an artistic edge. Experiment with different ideas to wow your customers. Interactive models where a simple fold can turn your card into something else will most probably impress your clients.

So when it comes to designing a cheap mini business card, there is more to it as compared to what’s in your mind. Here is the guide you will be sure to create a card to remember!

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