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Top Reasons Square Folded Business Cards Are Still Effective Today

Business cards are still a valuable marketing tool across different industries for several reasons.

For example, they can improve the credibility of your brand; they can increase brand awareness and advance your goals.

Here are top reasons why square folded business cards are still essential – and why you should invest in them.

Exchange Contact Information Digitally Is Objective

Networking is all about making the right connections. Giving out your information through email or text on the spot is convenient, but it is also highly objective. Engaging in actual conversation and eye contact is how the real connection begins.

Two persons with their focus on their phones will never create a lasting memory. You can easily transfer that info from a square folded business card into the device after discussion.


They Enhance The Legality Of A Business

Do you know what people do before purchasing services or products from an unknown company?

They authenticate the legality of the business and verify it, as they look for following details:

  • Who you are
  • How you can contact them
  • Where you are located
  • What you can do for them

Professionally designed business cards can increase the legitimacy of your business in seconds. They exhibit your seriousness and how much ready you are for trade.

Low Cost

Business cards are highly inexpensive, making them cost useful to for small organisation’s on a low budget. A local printing company can produce a lot of business cards for few dollars, and the profusion of online printing companies makes it easy to buy and find good deals.

Building Your Brand

Business cards can assist you to develop your brand, which makes your company easily recognisable. By comprising your company's logo and advertising slogan on your business card, for example, you assist in strengthening your brand with everyone who sees your card.

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