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Roller Banner Design Online 5 Helpful Design Tips

Roller Banner Stands, otherwise called Roller Banners or Roll Up Banners, are a critical asset for any exhibitor hoping to make a splash at a display or expo. They can be used to great effect in your shop or place of business as a way of advertising new products or deals you are running. Getting the visuals and details correct is vital when it comes to grabbing people’s attention with a Roll Up Banner; they are very large advertising spaces that demand attention, so they need to be utilised properly. But they question is why Roller Banner Design Online ? Just keep reading to find out. 

When ordering a Roller Banner Design online, you should have a design planned and ready; this is not something that should be handled quickly or without forethought. Treat a Banner design the same way you would treat an advert in a newspaper, a flyer or even a television commercial – what I’m trying to say is that it deserves a significant amount of time spent deciding what the intended effect is and planning the design based on that goal.

Below are some vitally important elements to your Roller Banner design online that you should ensure are done correctly before having the final design printed.

Keep Your Logo In A Prominent Position

A Roller Banner is very tall, pretty much at eye-level with the majority of adults. As such, the very top of the banner is the most important aspect and should have your business logo and message. This is the first thing most people will look at, and even if they then turn away, they will have seen it, so don’t put an unimportant element here.

Even for people casually strolling past the banner, if they see your logo then you’re advertising your business a little bit.

Think Left To Right

One thing that people ignore about Roller Banner Design Online is this. In the west, traditionally people read from left-to-right and top-top-bottom, so be sure that your message follows this flow. There is no need to ask people to follow a new and different way of reading something just because you want your advertising to be different.

Also, be sure to follow the mantra of “show, don’t tell” - The more words that your banner uses, the less people will read it. The advert should be clear from the visuals, with any text simply adding additional information. Just remember these rules and attempt to keep your message simple and visually interesting to get best results.

Make It Simple For The Reader

In a similar vein to the previous point, the visuals should also be simple and easy to understand. A big, complicated visual piece works great for huge companies who can trust that people will put the time in deciphering it, but you a small business, the number of people who won’t give it a second glance is very high. A good Roller Banner Design Online can easily decrease readability issues for your readers. 

You want to grab people with the image; make them interested in it and have the message clear and succinct.


It is probably the most important element in Roller Banner Design Online. If you want to incorporate photography into your banner design, that’s fantastic! People respond well to adverts with photos, particularly photos of people and faces. However, there are some things to remember here: ensure the photo is of high-quality, and no less than 300 dpi (Dots Per Square Inch), otherwise, when the photo is blown up to fit the Banner Roll, the low-quality will show through in larger pixels, off colour and low-detail.


The colour theme of the Banner design is incredibly important for several reasons: it should compliment the design, reflect the business branding and be eye-catching. There are several potential problems with the colour too, however.

Reds and Oranges tend to stand out very well and catch peoples attention. However, these may not reflect or compliment your businesses branding. Even after settling this however, it may not reflect the message you wish to convey. If you are advertising medicine, toys for babies or calm holiday breaks – bright reds and oranges may not be compatible with this.

Other traps to avoid: putting two bright colours together, like yellow and white, as they can be indistinguishable from each other. Be sure that the colours you choose are not more memorable from another brand, such as red and white (Coca Cola) or Red, White and Blue (Pepsi) and that the colours suit the place they will be displayed: don’t have too dark hues if the advertising will be inside a dimly lit room, or too bright if it will be outside in a sunny area, as the banner is more likely to blind people than it is to entice them to your product or service.

Contact Points Of Interest

One last thing to remember when designing your Banner Roll is to incorporate contact details. What if someone sees your banner, is fascinated in the product or service, but you aren’t around to continue they discussion and they can’t find any contact details on the banner? Well, you’ll have lost a potential customer.

Its important to incorporate phone number, email address, website and Social Media links on the banner. Well, its vital to have at least some of these elements, but putting too much information can also be a problem. You don’t want the details to get in the way of the interesting design; you want people to be interested in the banner first, and then want to contact you.

Put the contact details to bottom of the banner and off to one side. This means that they are out of the way but easily found for anyone interested. A Roll Up Banner can be a fantastic item that garners attention and interest from potential customers for your business, so long as it is designed correctly. Hopefully this has given you the details you need to create a fantastic design that really helps your business. For more information on our Banner printing services, as well as Business Cards and plenty of other business stationery, please check out the website for all the details.

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