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Personalized Correspondence Cards | 7 Pro Tips of Designing

Personalized Correspondence Card is a simple piece of card that contains the name and address of the sender written on the top. It is intended to send short message to other people using post.

There can be many occasions on which you would want to send someone a thank you note. You could feel the urge to send one after a delightful dinner with your friends or even after attending a marriage ceremony. You can also send a memo to someone to invite them for a special occasion. Personalized Note Cards and Envelopes are a great way to cherish your perfect moments with others when you just want to say a quick thank you to them.

People often do not know the perfect recipe of designing a personal correspondence card. It mostly depends on one`s own ability to twist the words in their favor. There are still some universally accepted etiquettes and contents for sending best correspondence cards:


The traditional correspondence card size A6+ 15.2* 11.4cm. It is somewhat bigger in size than the one used today which A6.


Normally, heavy correspondence cards a great way to give premium feel to match the sentiments enclosed in them. The experts say that the weight should not be less than 350 gsm.

Contact Details

Name, address and contact number is normally included in the personalized correspondence card. In addition to that, you can also include your Twitter handle, email address or even website URL.

Writing Style

The sender should use a high quality fountain pen on a premium correspondence card to leave the best impression on reader.


The personalized correspondence card is delivered to send some definite emotions. Therefore, they should be written in specific manner to leave personal feel. Illustrations can be added to the card to make them stand out from the rest.

Avoiding Grammar Mistakes

When it comes to the basics, the personal correspondence card should be free of any grammatical and spelling mistakes. These kinds of errors can lead to ultimately changing the overall meaning of the message. That will in turn cause the opposite or even worse feelings on the mind of the reader. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have your note card free of such unprofessional inaccuracies.


Last not the least, you should make sure the delivery of your correspondence note in a well-crafted envelope. It looks very elegant and leaves a great impression on the eyes of the reader from the very first expression. If you are sending them by post, then using a first class stamp is must. Even if you delivering them by hand, you should still go for premium covering.

These are some of the fundamentals of personalized stationery that cannot be ignored at any cost. The personalized correspondence cards and envelopes should have enough attention to detail, right size and weight. Grammar should be to the point and the delivery should be done in the right way.

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