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Personalised Stationery Is More Important Than You Think

You may think that personalised correspondence stationery is just for old men who won’t let Bob Cratchit have Christmas Day off. Now, while it is true that personalised stationery is less popular today than it once was, it still has its place in today’s world.

In this article, I will give you five reasons about why you should be using personalised stationery and the benefits it will have to you and your business, and then why you should use Inteleprint for Business Cards Nottingham and the benefits they can offer you and your business. I just find its best to be upfront about that. Let’s begin.

Make Yourself Stand Out

personlised stationery

In this modern world where everything is online, you may think that stationery of any sort is unnecessary, especially personalised correspondence. However, face-to-face business meetings still happen every day and they are still a very important part of the business world. Clients like to see the person behind the emails, and this is where personalised stationery steps in. If your goal is to show your human side opposed to your online persona, good old-fashioned business cards are a fantastic first step. They show that you care about how you present yourself in the off-line world; they show that you plan ahead and can make a great first impression.

Show That You’re Professional

If you own a start-up and are looking for prospective clients, one important thing to remember is to appear professional and well-prepared. It’s the small touches that can accomplish this: a tidy and professional outfit, a tidy and organised office, a high-quality business card. If you want to step it up a notch, utilising personalised letterhead stationery will give your business a very credible and professional look that is bound to inspire confidence in your prospective clients, even if they don’t consciously know it.

Get Creative

When you think of personalised stationery, you probably think of business cards and letterheads and then fail to think of any more. The thing is that stationery is such a wide-reaching area, with so many options available to you, many you’ve probably never even considered. Personalised Correspondence can be a great way for you to express your creative personality to the world and really stand out. Let me give you some examples:

Correspondence Cards

personalised stationery

Business Cards may be on the decline, but how about a Personalised Correspondence Card instead? A much simpler design, simply stating your name, job title and contact information. They are more minimalist and stand out in a world of overly complicated and busy business cards. It shows confidence in yourself to present a simple and clean Correspondence Card to a prospective client or new contact.

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Compliment Slips

Let’s say you’ve just sent out an order of the product that you sell. The package will have the order and a receipt of the contents, but how about adding in a Compliment Slip too? Don’t let the interaction end when the customer receives the product. Using a Compliment Slip means that your business will remain in their mind as they receive their product and are satisfied, linking your business to that feeling. It reinforces your business in their mind and may strengthen their opinion of you. It is also a great place to put an offer or voucher, to help entice the customer back to you for repeat business.

Presentation Folders

personalised stationery

You have an important meeting coming up. What would have a better impact? Arriving with a pile of printed black-and-white files to present? Or a colourful folder containing documents, booklets and everything else you need? If the meeting is with other employees or with long-term customers, perhaps the standard print-outs will suffice; since there is already a rapport there and it’s the information within the meeting that is important. However, with new customers, you are trying to wow them and show them that your organisation is professional and worthy of their business. A high-quality presentation folder will make you seem organised and well-prepared for the meeting.

Post Cards

Post Cards may seem like a strange option at first: They aren’t very common, and their usage seems limited. I am unsure why this is the case however, when they have so many positives. Firstly, their read-rate is better than letters, since people need to actually open letters to read them, whereas post cards have the information right there on the back. Secondly, you can use them without your competitors knowing: They can find your adverts online, or see your print advertising, but with post cards being sent directly to customers, they will never know. Even better, if the post cards are a success, they won’t know to copy you, giving you an advantage. Lastly, since they are so uncommon, they make a visually impressive piece and grab the attention of the reader. Capitalise on this and be the first business in your sector to be using Post Cards to their fullest potential.

Mini Business Cards

mini business cards

As mentioned, Business Cards are on the decline due to an oversaturation of the market and information being available elsewhere. This is still true, however, that just means you need to stand out more to make people take notice. Using square or min business cards is a fantastic way of doing this. The shape of a Business Card is ingrained into every business persons head, so seeing a new shape is a striking change that forces them to take notice. Mini Business Cards are even less common and so have an even bigger impact. Also, being so small, they force you to be more creative in how you display the relevant information. Due to their smaller size, finding cheap mini business cards is a relatively easier job too.

Buying In Bulk

If you are heading to a networking event, you may buy yourself some Business Cards. Suddenly you need to design your own card and print a batch of maybe 200. That’s a lot of time and effort, as well as a high cost-per-card. If, a few months down the line, you head to another event, you’ll need to redesign and re-print another 200. If you create a stunning logo and Business Card design once and do a bulk order, then you will always be prepared for any event, plus your design will be consistent through the events, rather than minor changes that will reveal a lack of consistency. Plus, the cost-per-card will go down, saving you time and money in the long run.

Hopefully I have managed to convince you that personalised correspondence stationery has more benefits than just following the crowd and doing the ‘done thing’.

Now, if you’re searching for business cards Nottingham, there’s plenty of printing companies abound, all offering their own deals and little extras. At Inteleprint however, we think we offer great deals of high quality products and for a price that we think you’ll love. We ensure that our process does not include any hidden costs and that what you see upfront is what you’ll pay for your products.

You can get personalised correspondence for any situation and at affordable prices: If you’re looking for business-related items; we have Business Cards of all varieties. Cheap mini Business Cards, standard Business Cards and even multi-name Business Cards. If you don’t like the idea of adapting a template and want a 100% unique design, we can create a bespoke option just for you.

Need a logo designing? We can do that too! With a team of expert designers, we can create you a stunning and unique Logo design to perfectly suit your business. At Inteleprint, our goal is to provide high-quality business stationery for you, to ensure satisfaction.

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