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New Year, New Business Card?

It’s a brand new year, and it’s time for you to update your business card.

Many companies don’t realise the importance of business cards and the impact they can have on your organistaion. Your business card is your identity which you hand over to clients, colleagues and acquaintances.

The following tips and advice will help you in deciding whether you should opt to print and design new business cards.

What Make A Business Card Visually Attractive?

Look at your business card? What is the first thing that you see? Does it bore you or do you find it visually attractive? If your business cards looks like many other insipid business cards, you might want to consider changing its looks:

  • A full background picture that displays your brand image.
  • Bold fonts that get your message noticed and stand out.
  • Die cut shapes such as even or rounded corners business cards gives a unique look
  • Product photos or diagrams on the back
  • Ultra-business card featuring a stripe around the edges.

Does Your Business Card Gives An Insight To Customers About The Benefits?

Most of the business cards display the normal information, along with a little bit of branding. Nonetheless, you can make your business cards look more powerful:

  • A full-text back that details the benefits of working with the business.
  • A compelling heading that displays clients what they will get from hiring you.
  • Folded business cards will double your real estate and permit you to tell your list features and story and benefits, plus service and product offerings in more details.

Does Your Business Card Has The Element Of Call To Action?

Does your business card compel potential clients to give you a call or visit your office or engage with you through social media? Don’t just list down addresses, give them a reason to catch-up with you:

  • A guarantee to offer great info if they connect with you on social media
  • A special offer such as whitepaper, if they reach your website and subscribe to the email listing
  • A coupon or discount code to give them discount
  • A promise that they will get the promised advantage.

How Does Your Business Card Feel?

Is your business card printed on a flimsy paper stock and bland? If you are tarnishing your brand image ever you give it to someone, so consider printing:

  • Ultra business card on triple thick paper
  • Velvety soft touch business cards
  • Uncoated business cards that make writing personalised messages easy.
  • UV coating for an extra gloss or thick business card.

 Are you all prepared to make over your business cards for the New Year? Get premium quality business card printing from Inteleprint – and remember, we have many free business card templates in our design portico, each skillfully planned and totally customizable with our online design tool.

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