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A Marketing To Do List For The New Small Business Owner

Here are the Inteleprint team’s ideas of the first eight things a small business owne should do to market their company.

Determine Who Your Customers Are

Before you begin marketing, you need to know your audience – who are you trying to sell to? Every marketing strategy you employ should focus appealing to this person.

Create A Logo

Your logo will be the first impression people will receive at your business, so it should be unique and memorable. As soon as it’s done, add the logo to your email signature – instant branding.

Print Business Cards

You never know when you might run into a potential future customer and handing them a business card is a great way to make sure they remember you.

Build A Website

It’s ok to make normal website with just a few basic pages. A website helps in building impression and people will rely on your business because of its online presence.

Start Blogging

Start by trying to add something to your blog once a week. Don’t be too “salesy” instead, aim to be informative and interesting that will get you a lot more readers and customers in the long run.

Jump On Social Media

Create a Facebook profile. Twitter account, and YouTube account and start posting!

Improve Your Website

It should be user-friendly don’t forget tablets and cell phones and use SEO best practices. It should also be found on a domain that will be easy for your customers to remember.

Start An Email Newsletter

Put a form on your website to collect email addresses for a newsletter, or put a signup sheet next to the register or at the front desk. Once you have about 20 email addresses collected, start sending out email blasts.

Don’t Be Scared To Ask For Help

A print or digital marketing agency like Inteleprint can take a huge load of your back. For more information contact our team of experts.

Inteleprint Business Services

At Inteleprint, we help people to make their mark in the business with amazing quality print services and products. And as our customers have increased, so our services has also. Inteleprint offers best print products, with an easy online ordering procedure. Our complete packages for businesses give your more consistency and brand control – while saving you stress, money and time in the process.

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