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I Forgot My Business Cards, Now What Do I Do?

Once, there was a time when people had their middlemen get in contact with their prospective clients and stakeholders. Over time however, business ethics have transformed. After the middlemen, and then lengthy and drawn-out email conversations, people have gone back to basics. Face-to-face meetings are now as popular and important as ever. It has become a standard thing to leave the other person with an idea of their brand in the form of a business card. Business stationary designs have modified to keep up with the digital world. They’ve done this whilst also fulfilling people’s needs of pen and paper.

Do you remember meeting someone at an event or interview and wanted to keep the interaction going? What was the first thing that came to mind to make a useful contact? Not to lose out on the opportunity,If I was there I must ask the other person for their information. Or, more specifically, for their contact address and number. However, what if I didn’t have my business card in my pocket while exchanging ? I likely feel horribly embarrassed and awkward. Well I obviously hope it never happens to me. Just in case it does however, here are some ways to resolve the issue if it ever does crop up.

Ask them for their business card

The most feasible way to tackle the situation is by asking them to give you their business card. Apologise for not finding your business card and say that you will be in touch soon and can exchange information then. This way, you still have their information and they know to expect contact from you soon. You should bear this in mind even if you did pass on your business card. Never expect the other person to make the first move and contact you. Be sure to ask their preferred method of communication: email or phone call. Then you can use this method to make a timely and prompt follow-up.

Also, be sure to add both of these details when you create your business stationary card in Nottingham.

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Use the notepad application for contact details

Mobiles have made not only communication easier, but they can life saviors too, especially in situations like this. The notepad application on your mobile can be used for jotting down all the necessary information you may want. It will also save you from fumbling around, trying to find your Business Card and looking foolish. In Nottingham and all over the world, business cards are used for a formal introduction. However, in times when that isn’t possible a notepad application can be fantastic.

Use Social Media to stay in contact

Everybody uses social media, and it is the quickest way to learn about each other. Ask you client or potential business partner if they use social media. If they do, ask if they would mind accepting a connection from you. If you follow them, they will get a notification which will remind them of you. However, be aware of coming on too strongly. A business card is a formal way to introduce someone on a professional level. Connecting on LinkedIn in a little more personal but still business-orientated. Don’t try to add them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at the time tome however. You will come on too strongly and make a bad impression. If they don’t respond to your request, don’t send them messages every day to get their attention. This will make you seem desperate for work and less professional.

Add Details in Phone Book

Using the notepad application on your phone is always an option. If you just want their phone number however, be sure to put it straight into your address book. You can then send them a text so that they have your phone number too, and a message to remind them who you are. If you’re getting on very well, and think it isn’t over-stepping a boundary, you could also take their photo. Attach this with the contact file to help you put a name to a face. Literally.

Keep Pen and Paper Handy

business stationery

It is a good life advice to always have a pen and paper handy. Sure, everything is available digitally, but they will eventually run out of battery and switch off. A pencil doesn’t have a battery, so its good to be prepared, just in case.

You have displayed your business stationery design and impressed them with your fantastic cards. You could still ask to take down their contact details separately. Some people, especially from an older generation, find it satisfying to wrote things down themselves. You can make a good impression by following suit.

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