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Greeting Cards | Tips to get noticed and increase business

Although social media has made life easier by a press of a button to share your feelings but still the idea of a personalized greeting card still chugs along over the years. Businesses, each year send out thousands of business and greetings cards on different occasions to its clients and partners to stay in touch and reinforce the idea of long term relationships.

Whether it is a business card or a greeting card if customized and specifically designed for your business, adds a personal touch and warmth that no ready-made card can bring to it. Resulting in fondness and a likely inclination towards doing business with the company over someone who never contacts them.

Although sending out greeting cards require a little bit effort but if done properly you can demonstrate your appreciation, distinguish your company and acquire new business in the process. Here are four simple tips to consider when designing your greeting cards:

Keep it personal:

Greeting Card design should always have a personal touch to it so the person receiving it is likely to feel fondly of the company and an inclination to do business with it. When sending out cards always include a personal hand written message or signature in your card to create the impact of making a personal connection with the person or the company the card was sent out too.

Stand out amongst the competitors:

In times when there is a lot of competition in the market, a business needs to do everything they can to get noticed and stand out amongst the countless competitors in the market. So while keeping the competition in mind a business should always come up with more creative card design ideas that are original and relevant to the business and the client.

Earn customer loyalty:

There’s nothing better than receiving a handwritten beautifully designed card through mail which makes the receiver feel a personal connection and a bond with you. To earn the customer loyalty always design greeting cards in a way that the person receiving it will begin to distinguish your brand as an image of who they are and to what they need to be associated with for a lifetime.


Always try to be a little more creative and bold when sending out greeting cards as presentation is the key to getting noticed, rather than envelopes being opened and discarded the moment they are received. Try to use more colors in the cards or include a graphic on the envelope to make it unique. You can also send a gift card with it to make your efforts stand out.

So, whether you want to get noticed or just simply say thanks to your customer,

are the best tool to win over customers and have your business card to reach your potential client’s hands. If you have any customized printing needs that needs to addressed please feel free to contact us anytime as we have a lot of experience in designing and printing cards of all kind.

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