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Business Card Printing: 7 Reasons Why Business Cards Still Matter

People keep on creating billions of business cards each year in the UK. Why? Well, they’re still a multi-purpose item that business can use. There a great way to connect with possible clients or contacts as well as a way of pushing your brand. Business Cards still have a valuable place in business today, even with advancements in social media, such as LinkedIn.

Innovation still exists within the Business Card sector though. Now its easier than ever to get a set of stunning business cards printed for quick circulation.  

The Importance And Purpose Of Business Cards

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To understand why people use business cards, you need to know what a business card is.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary characterises a business card as, "a little card bearing data, (for example, name and address) about a business or business agent."

From this definition alone, you can see that a business card is a reliable method for sharing your business data with others. A handshake or a phone call are great, but they do not allow you to share your business name, address or website as easily as a business card does.

For you, however, these physical cards accomplish more than just introduce yourself to a client. They can speak volumes about your company and express your businesses personality and style.

7 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Business Cards and How to Use Them

Business cards remain an essential showcasing tool for an assortment of situations for different reasons: they can enhance the credibility of your brand, build up your image and spread awareness.

The Individuals Who Don't Own Cell Phones

While the number of people with a mobile phone is incredibly high, there still are people out there who say they have no need for one. The reasons chance from not wanting one, to no need to owning one, to just preferring more antiquated technology.

These people are more rare, but they do exist, and you still need to be able to connect with them. With a business card, you can still do this. If, also, they prefer the older techniques, they may be impressed with your preparation.

They Enhance The Legitimacy Of A Business

Want to know what customers do before they purchase something from a new business? They research. They look up how credible a business it is and if its worth their time and money.

The points that really help in these times are:

  • Your identity
  • What benefits you can offer them
  • Where you can be found
  • Step by step instructions to get in touch with you

What’s better at this point than a business card? They don’t need to do all this research online, because you’ve already given them all the information they need. A decent business card will also make you seem more professional and therefore more likely to do business with you.

They Help Businesses and Brands Develop Human Connections

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Being able to connect and begin conversations with possible contacts and clients is now much easier than it has ever been. However, there’s a hitch. It’s now far harder to create a meaningful conversation with anyone. This is because so many people are trying to talk to so many people, that we’ve all tuned a lot of it out.

So, in this world where we’re all talking and not listening, how does anyone create a meaningful connection with anyone?

A Business Card won’t be able to do that, but it will give you more of a chance. It’s a chance to open a discussion and keep the person listening as you start to connect with them. A firm handshake, eye-contact and a pleasant demeanour are vital steps to creating a meaningful; connection, and these are things that a Business Card can help with.

They Assist Business Owners And Professionals In Facilitating The Networking Process

As an entrepreneur, you know the importance of creating a network of clients and contacts. There are many different ways of meeting others, including face-to-face, over email and telephone etc.

The majority of people however, tend to prefer face-to-face meetings. Forbes once ran a study and found that 85% of their respondents preferred up-close and personal meetings. This was due to the fact they could "assemble more grounded, more significant connections." These kinds of meetings are great for appearing very professional and business-like. There also great as they allow you to build a more personal rapport with the person.

When going to face to face organising occasions, keep in mind your business cards. They make it simple for those keen on following up on these discussions to get in touch with you. Similarly, their business cards give you their information to likewise make contact with them should you so wish.

They Are A Powerful Tool For Building Brand Awareness

When you're building your business, branding ought to be a piece of your long-term strategy. Here's why: because it enables prospects and clients to recall your business and your conversation.

The Business Card, with its bright colouring and bold images, they help people to remember your brand and your image. This is a very useful tool as you not only give the contact details to the person, but it helps them to remember your business and what services it provides.

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They Give A Face To Your Brand

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Business cards outwardly speak to your business' personality. They give a face to your image when contacts take a look at them, helping them to remember your identity and what you do.

When a Business Card is well designed, they impart your image's message, identity, and qualities – decidedly affecting how clients see your business.

These components – referenced above – on your business cards additionally make your image unmistakable. Done well, they can win over intrigued prospects into paying clients.

Innovative Business Cards Printing Are More Likely to Be Shared

Mindfulness is the primary consideration in business development. When individuals think about your business you want it to lead to them purchasing your products or services.

Getting consideration can be a challenge. However, innovativeness in advertising causes you to think outside the box to attract new customers.

The circulation of creative business cards is an astounding method to catch individuals' attention. If your business cards awe the general population who read them, they’re very likely to be shared with other people and therefore more potential clients.

This is useful for two reasons: it advances attention to your image, and it builds the odds of referrals to those most needing your products and services.


Even though web-based systems have gained a lot of ground in recent years, business cards remain useful and important tools for growing businesses.

These little cards are essential for all organisations. They are valuable articles for entrepreneurs all the way to large companies. Their strong visual quality also means the brand is recognisable and memorable.

If you haven't considered the expansion of business cards in your advertising toolkit, it's never too late to do so. You never know, your business card may be the key component you have to take your image further.

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