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Bloggers Business Cards | Why Do You Need Them to Create Lasting First Impression?

Before we dive in to know why there is a need of Bloggers Business Card, we should know that it was very difficult for the average person to express themselves to people. There were few mediums by which one could share their unique ideas to the masses. Realistically, the only possible way was to publish a book, at best. Other forms of communication included direct contact with friends and colleagues, but these had their own restrictions due to societal constraints.

Who are Bloggers?

Nowadays, thanks to the internet, there is a plethora of media by which one can express their opinions and share information. Blogging is one of these of channels of communique with other people. It allows a Blogger to share their knowledge, wisdom, opinions and ideas, in writing, and with millions of other individuals. They also get to receive feedback and deeper insights from experts of a related fields reading their blog. Now that the world has become a global village, Bloggers today can experience far more freedom of speech than writers of the past.

What are Business Cards?

A Blog is a platform to share work and is an important asset to writers.  It serves as a brand for the owner, but it grows in size and strength with each newly published article. A Blog not only serves as a source of sharing info but also as a way of acquiring leads and earning money through dedicated audiences. The sources of monetisation through Blogging includes affiliate marketing, products, and display advertising etc.

Bloggers are professionals and as such, they have the same needs of any other expert in the market. One of the basics essentials of any specialist is having one`s own business card, which holds key information about the individual. It is given to a potential peer for the sake of sharing personal information during a quick formal setting. A typical business card consists of the giver`s name, company name, designation and contact information. They are printed on card stock, the type of which, as with the design and details may vary from person to person.

Why Bloggers Business Card are needed!

Since we are living the in a time of digital advancements, you may consider a piece of paper as useless as compared to digital files. But, the reality is opposite; a business card is as important now as it always has been.

Let’s discuss some of the key reasons why you should have a bloggers business card:

  1. “First impression is the last impression” The majority of the people do not actually recall what the discussion with a certain person was about. They may not even remember the name of the individual they met. Therefore, rather than losing a prospect, take out your stunning business card and give it to them. It will make the recipient remember you and your gesture and call you back.
  2. Instead of writing a detailed email or text, a business card serves the same purpose in an elegantly simple way. It becomes a more personalised interaction between two people. The recipient will remember you more because of the more personal gesture, as opposed to an impersonal email.
  3. A physical handshake followed by an exchange of bloggers business card goes a long way. You never know when you are going to need your card, so keep it in your wallet at all times. Whether you are at work, a conference or an airport, make sure you have a business card ready to hand over to any potential partner. This will serve as a great tool of marketing your brand in the future.
  4. A captivated prospect may be eager to work with you and maybe even to tell their own connections about you which will boost your own brand.
  5. Exchanging your bloggers business card at a meeting serves as source of information sharing. Not only that, though; it also shows your willingness to go the extra mile to achieve something. It will definitely have a long-lasting impression on the mind of the receiver to receive such an amazingly crafted card.

 How Bloggers can Benefit from Business Cards!


Just like any other businessman, a Blogger`s success also depends on careful usage of a business card. Running a blog is similar to running any other enterprise: It has its own identity and brand that needs to be continuously promoted for its growth.

You may see a Blog as just an online entity, so the owner has no need of paper to promote it. The reality is that Bloggers must also interact offline to help their brand. Fellow Bloggers are not the only audience to grow a brand; something as simple as those in your local neighbourhood are a viable market too.

  1. Depending on your niche, you may find many people around you who talk about their issues that are related. You could hand over your bloggers business card to them and let them know about your Blog right away. In this way, your will Blog will grow, and people will come to know about solutions to their problems.
  2. You can also give your blogger business card to professional Bloggers to seek help in the future. They would like to know about your efforts and might give you their expert opinions on how you could improve your style.
  3. Although emails and texts are the common way to contact others, in this case Business cards are more effective. It offers more respect to the recipient by showing a more genuine and personal gesture. It will also help make the memory of the meeting more significant. One can always transfer the information from card to mobile phone afterwards.
  4. Nothing on digital media; email, paid campaigns etc. can match the effectiveness of a physical handshake between two people. All you have to do is keep your blogger business card with you wherever you are. You never know when you meet your potential next big client or business partner. Whether you are at a hotel, industry tour or attending a conference, you have to keep your unique business cards with you.
  5. Business cards templates, when perfected, go a very long way in network marketing. People who love your card will also show them to their connections. This will help you in building and boosting your own brand.

Potential Disadvantages of Bloggers Business Cards

  1. For large corporate organisations, the cost of making business cards does not matter much. However, in the case of a blogger, printing spectacular cards could be very expensive. Moreover, any change in personal contact info in the future will require reprinting cards and repeat costs.
  2. Forgetting to keep business card with you can cause serious issues with sharing information. It might also end your potential contact before it has begun. Therefore, having made a personalised business card means having one on you at all times.
  3. Business cards have a very limited amount of available space on them. You have to be very savvy in printing only key information on it. You might also have to lose the opportunity to express yourself completely on that piece of paper. One example includes missing out on sharing your unique products or services.

Tips of an Effective Bloggers Business Card

Knowing the importance of keeping bloggers business card, now we will discuss 5 tips to making them more effective:

  1. First of all, go for a premium board or paper. It has to be of high quality which cannot be folded up or crumpled easily. In this way, it will still be readable to the people holding them after a long time.
  2. Make an eye-catching and colourful design on the card. It should be of such shades that its visible to the receiver all the time and  should be the first thing they see while opening their wallet.
  3. Also it has to have complete information about you, including: name, contact info, profession and social media etc.
  4. If you have a company logo, you have to put it on your card. Just seeing the symbol will make your business appear more professional and impressive to prospective partners or clients.
  5. Last but not the least, you have to come up with a catchphrase for your card. A catchy phrase will make you stand out from the rest and make prospects remember you.
  6. Make your cards easy to read. Straightforward substance over style. It doesn't make a difference how excellent your business card is if nobody can read it. Try not to let your ambitious creativity surpass the entire reason you have a business card… so people can use it to contact you! There are a lot of approaches to fuse wonderful, bright, indulgent outlines and still have simple to peruse data.
  7. Your business card has to not only meet, but surpass, the desires of the individual to whom you give it. If you run a professional and high-powered Attorney’s Practice, your business card needs to mirror that. Copying the design of your favourite sports team is probably best avoided.
  8. Use your shading palette, text styles, and other brand components. This data ought to be promptly accessible in your marketing rules.
  9. Include just basic data, to make a minimalist but practical design: Your name, work role or position in the organisation, contact phone number and email address. You may likewise need to incorporate a postal address if significant.
  10. Consider expelling pointless content to make the more essential information more prominent and visible to the readers. Make best use of space to highlight essential text and avoid irrelevant text or graphics.

Best Business Card Designs

It has been well established that not only the information but also the outlook of the card. So, let us just talk about 3 best designs that you can have for your blogger business card:

  1. Lego Business Card

Lego card is a new creative way of expressing your brand. The Lego Company gives out these attractive personalized board to their employees to make them feel special. You can also have made your own Lego business card to stand out from competition.

  1. Folded Cards

Huge amounts of Bloggers are utilising folded cards as an approach to add more data to a card without congestion it. These are fun, intelligent, and give the benefit of a unique style that stands out. Hello, memorable design!

  1. Cotton Business Card

Yes, you read that right, now you can also have your tailored card made from cotton, just like your shirt. The left-over pieces from cotton shirts can be used for manufacturing your own unique cards. The offcuts of cotton are collected, turned into pulp, dried and pressed into sturdy, natural and flexible shiny white paper. These bright and cool cotton pieces can then be used as premium business cards.

  1. Rounded Corners

I am a fanatic of round corners on ANYTHING, and they've unquestionably advanced into the business card scene too. Round cards do cost more, but if you’re the DIY type, you can purchase a scrapbooking punch that rounds corners and punch them out yourself.

  1. Engraved Business Card

The engraved business cards have been in the market for quite a while now. The good thing is, they don’t go out of fashion. Laser-cutting and imprinting on basswood make an exclusive business card for your brand.

Where can You Buy Bloggers Business Card?

There are many fantastic sources available online which can come in handy when it comes to bloggers business card printing.

For bloggers looking forward to have an outstanding business card can take help from the following sources:

  1. Inteleprint

    Premium quality at great prices, this is the right choice when getting your business card printed and designed. With a variety of materials and finishing’s available in different packages, you can choose from its wide-range of designs. Alternatively, you can get bespoke business cards designed and printed just for you.

  1. MOO business cards

    Allowing you the liberty of having a sample free business card design this website is an expert in its field. Bloggers seeking to have a demo card before they make their final decision can explore multiple options.

  1. Minted

    A bit expensive but this is a must try for bloggers seeking business cards.  They offer beautiful templates in high quality. If you’re planning a big budget for your business card, this website is highly recommended.

  1. Tiny Prints

    Tiny Prints offer its customers a wide variety of templates to select from. If you already have something in your mind and just are not sure what you want as result, this website’s template option is a must visit to help you make a balanced decision.

  1. Vistaprint

    If you have a smaller budget but want to make maximum use of it, this is the place for you. This website offers lower quality but at cut-throat reduced prices. This website is the best solution for the budget conscious.

Inspiring Business Cards for Year 2018

  1. Nymbl

    Nymbl are a 3D plan and virtual reality studio who wanted to express a more fun-loving style. To get the aesthetic they wanted, Nymbl used the UK-based company Big Fan. They created a stunning two-tone business card, featuring paper patterns on imperial purple stock.

  1. Omelet

    In a gesture to their hometown of L.A., Omelet based their business cards design on a city skyline. The photos are guilefully outlined by their organization logo – which you may notice as actually an Ambigram, meaning it reads the same word even when turned upside down.

  1. Aurora

    Including a botanical outline of tropical blossoms and a clean sans-serif text style, these business cards from Aurora surely establish a trendy first connection. The South African studio works in unconventional design and artwork, so it's fitting that their business cards mirror this novel range of abilities. The cards were planned in-house and incorporate gold embossed name.

  1. James Mahon – Divorce Lawyer

    A Business card can be more than just a way to pass on information, it can also be an enjoyable interactive experience. Take, James Mahon’s business cards for his Divorce Lawyer practice, with a perforated line down the middle to split the card in two. A metaphor for his Business Practice and practical, with information on both sides of the card. Creativity goes a long way, even in a serious profession.

  1. Chomp

    The London-based agency, Chomp, went down the literal route with their business card designs, incorporating a bite-sized chunk taken from the corner of each card. Mimicking the company logo, also with a bite missing from the letters, this design is clever, unique and personal to the business.


Business cards are still a compelling and useful strategy for passing on your contact information. Overlook the little chorus of nay-sayers who say "isn’t the business card dead?" A business card is an important and a very cost-effective method of exposure and brand-growth.

In short, business cards are one important element to success in this ever-growing and fast-changing world. Bloggers too can beat their competition and grow their business by handing out personalised cards to prospects.

Are your bloggers business card ready to go?

Do you plan to get one designed this year?

Explore from our wide variety of templates to help you make an informed decision about your business card which not only makes you stand out, but also bring in the business and new relationships you want.

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