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All That You Need To Know About Business Stationery

What is Brand Stationery?

brand stationery

Brand stationery also known as business stationery which encompasses materials (such as paper, pens, and ink) used for writing or typing and letter paper, usually accompanied with matching envelopes is considered as business stationery. However, business stationery does not stick rigidly to this definition as it can also include invoices, receipts, business cards, letterheads and many other similar items. With the innovation of technology, brand stationery also includes printer papers as computers replaced typewriters.
It is important to build trust with your clients and business stationery plays a huge part in establishing a connection and tells a client that the business is legitimate and maintained professionally. It assures them the credibility of the business and that they are not dealing with a scam artist. It may sound like a little thing; to have professional business stationery, but it’s the little things that help to build a long-lasting relationship with your clients.

Importance of Brand Stationery

Professional business stationery helps to build a long-term relationship with the clients and establish a trust with potential clients. This trust on the credibility of your business can win you potential clients as regular customers.
For company communication purposes, professional stationery can turn simple memos into a brand. For the identification of a company, a specific colour theme, logo, catchphrase and graphics can be used to immediately grab the attention of a client. Using regular paper for formal communications with stakeholders and clients can mean you missing the chance of connecting with them.
The quality of the paper, design of the logo and a eye-catching graphics cannot be taken for granted as these little details can help businesses evolve over a period of time. Often corporate stationery designs are overlooked, but they shouldn’t be, as it can give a large boost to your business.
Now let us look into some of the advantages of professional business stationery.

Advantages of Business Stationery

Although in this high-tech era, where everything is digitalised and technology has taken over the old forms of communication, there still comes a time when your business will need to switch to old-fashioned stationery. Following are the advantages which just cannot be overlooked.



Stationery can show you company name and logo to many people and that is why it is one important aspect of effective advertising. You can do this just by putting in a little effort on your part. For instance, one drafting pad can be used by many different people at different times, which means more people will get to know about your brand. Also, a client will not be inspired to seek the services of your company if the paper and logo are not high-quality. For this reason, you need to develop a subtle form of advertising with your stationery so that when someone uses the drafting pad, they will promptly get an idea of your business.

Business Cards

business cards

Business cards are undeniably the professional means of introducing yourself to a potential client. Sometimes in the middle of a conversation, you will find yourself exchanging your contact information with a person. Scribbling your email address and phone number on a piece of paper will lower the clients’ opinion of you and therefore your company and may end up with you losing their business. Besides everything, it simple looks unprofessional and unorganised. A professional business card, with attention to the details, can pay you more dividends than just the cost of the printing. It will help you build a professional image of yourself in the mind of others.


personalised stationery

Many businesses just don’t see the importance of having personalised stationery for when they have to correspond with other companies and so they simply avoid having any official business stationery. Corporate stationery speaks volumes about your professionalism and dedication regarding your work. So, official stationery brings professionalism in your work and helps build a reputation in your clients.
Brand Identity
Not only for professional correspondence, your stationery is your brand identity. Not only you can increase your brand awareness through brand stationery, but it will save you from spending extra amounts on branding. For this purpose, you have to think outside the box and create a professional and innovative design for your business stationery; something that catches the eye and makes people think.


Sometimes, it is just not possible to get to a computer or laptop when you need to, so it is important to always have a notepad and a pen to jot down important notes. Keeping a notepad and a pen with company’s logo will pass your image as a professional, as well as being handy implements for note-taking.
Keeping these advantages in mind, we must not neglect the disadvantages which some of the business stationery items can have. Let’s discuss these disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Business Stationery Items

business stationery disadvantages

Logo Designs

Everyone knows the worth of having a logo for their business. It is displayed on everything from their website to their stationery. A logo can be a graphic to symbolise the business or just a name, like Hallmark or Tesco. Many companies spend million dollars to buy a customised logo because they understand that a creative logo will help their company excel from others in market competition, but ensuring they stand out from the crowd.
Unlike these companies, small-scale businesses and entrepreneurs with limited resources may not be in a position to spend a huge amount on logo designs. Customised logo designs can be highly expensive which can be a huge disadvantage for business stationery. Time delivery is also unpredictable so in case if you want to launch your business immediately, it can cost you extra time, unless you want to wait for a customised logo.

Business Cards

We already know the advantages of business cards; they initiate contact and make it easier for a client to remember you. In small-scale businesses, business cards are the easiest way to reach out to your potential clients. These cards are available in simple print form, but digitals cards are now becoming popular too.
Business cards are most cost effective when ordered in large quantities, but again, small businesses likely don’t need a large quantity of business cards at once, not can they likely afford the cost. It can get expensive for them to print cards in small number too. Another disadvantage is any change of number or address of the head office, which would require new cards being printed and therefore more expenses to reprint. Business cards also don’t have enough space to display the products and services which your business offers, so there is only a limited amount of advertising a business card can do.

Brand Identity

brand identity

Business stationery conveys the brand identity of a company to potential and regular customers. It is important because it conveys the purpose of the business and sets a standard to compete with other companies in the market. Despite its important however, we cannot ignore the limitations of brand identity.
Building a brand identity is a complex process for any business, let alone one that offers a wide range of services. It includes extensive market-based research, market competitors audit and brand strategy. For a successful branding strategy and to ensure customers identify with the brand, it is necessary that the brand strategy must be aligned with their needs.
It is also expensive to create and difficult to maintain as the requirements of customers keep on changing. For designing, companies often have to hire a consultant who are paid on an hourly basis. The lengthy process of working on every element of brand identity designs will incorporate a large sum of money which businesses must spend to establish their worth. Other than this, changing a brand identity can be threatening to your business. If the change is not properly communicated to your customers, the new identity may meet with resistance which can damage your business. The process of changing brand identity is expensive too as everything from business stationery to websites and marketing strategies will have to be changed too.
Having discussed in detail business stationery and their pros and cons, we will now move on to include top 5 companies in UK who offer their best services in business stationery items.

Top 5 Companies for Business Stationery in UK


inteleprint business stationery

Inteleprint is a creative business, specialising in designing and printing to help your business to grow. The company has an expert team of designers who provide you with innovative designs based on your instruction and requirements. Their printing quality is top-notch, and their expertise is in branding, web designs, brochures and much more. One of the best things about this company is their budget friendly range of paper for their consumers. Their business cards cost as low as £14.49 and the quality of their products is non-compromising. Best of all, however; they don’t have any hidden charges, everything is right there so there’s no nasty surprises when it comes to checkout.
Inteleprint have high-quality business cards designs at cost-effective rates. The company can print many different styles of business cards, including:

Standard business cards
Square and Mini business cards
Multi-name business cards
Folded business cards
Uncoated business cards

The turnaround time for all these cards is 3-5 days, ensuring you get what you need fast. For Multi-Name business card, the company also gives you an option of selecting 100% recycled material as well as a discount on their bulk purchases.

For your business communication, Inteleprint is making it possible to give your brand a professional look through their high quality customized A4 letterheads and stickers.

Kopycat Printing

Kopycat is situated in the city of London and have 30 years of experience in providing printing services to companies in UK. Many local businesses seek the services of Kopycat for digital prints of postcards and newsletters. Not only digital printing, the company offers offset and large-format printing within the range of your budget and printing needs.
This printing company is offering their services in brand stationery items like letterheads, business cards, marketing brochures, invoice sets, newsletters and compliment slips. Their specialist area covers large corporate stationery, which also include multi-site stationery management, digital print with quick turnaround and multi-colour, litho printing for multi-page documents.
One of the achievements of Kopycat printing is the Green Mark accreditation in April 2008, for their committed work in relation to the environment. The company eliminated alcohol and other chemicals from their printing process and is using recycled paper and plastic containers. Some of the electricity used for the printing is bought from renewable sources. It is claimed that with the elimination of alcohol and chemicals, the quality of their printing has increased and it has now more vibrant colours.


Back in 2006, Stressfreeprint emerged as an independent online print company without any outside investors. The Stressfreeprint Company believes in the ability of an experienced human rather than depending solely on print technology. Not machines, but human beings watch over every step of production, checking and refining process at each stage. There is no compromise on the machinery and everything is produced within the set standard of quality. The company controls the whole process of production and printing is done in-house with no reliance on a third-party.
They offer their services in a number of items ranging from letterheads, business cards, leaflets, calendars, menus, magazines, bookmarks and business stationery. For most of the product, fast track delivery is available. Unlike most of the UK, which uses letterhead paper size A4, this company produces letterheads also in A5. The company promises not to batch your letterheads with other clients’ orders, to satisfy the demand of their customers without compromising highest standards of working. Their classic business cards, which also include folded, are one of the most popular and best-selling business cards within the range of $32 for 100 copies.

Kall Kwik Business Design and Print

Kall Kwik opened their printing service in 1978, focusing on quality printing, fast turnaround and the availability to everyone around the corner of the street. For 40 years, Kall Kwik has been working to meet the demands of their customers.
From business cards to letterheads, compliments slips to continuous sheets, Kall Kwik is using market-leading technology for the high-quality production of business stationery items. With the use of market-leading technology, they are ensuring the exact reproduction of your business colour and keeping your brand image protected throughout the process. For day-to-day business dealing, this company is producing NCR (No Carbon Required) business forms and documentations like quotations and invoices. These forms can be printed in different coloured sheets and with number sequence for circulation. Experts in business stationery, Kall Kwik also have expertise in event management and web designing.

If you are starting a new business, one of the first things you will need to design is the logo. Kall Kwik can provide you services in logo design. Not only a new logo, the company is also determined to breathe new life into your dull, original logo. These logos are provided in different formats like JPG, PNG, EPS, PDF and Al, so it is convenient for you to use any format according to your needs.
The company is not just throwing ink on paper, but they have a wide ranges of services on offer, including; one-stop design, print and digital solutions to deliver an accurate message of your brand to potential customers.

Ryman Stationery

Ryman Stationery collection is a conglomerate of 200 stores and an active, online website which caters to the needs of thriving businesses, letter-writers and artists. Young and passionate Henry J. Ryman materialised his dream of the first ever self-service stationery shop in 1893 on Great Portland Street, London. Ryman supplies essential and high-quality products such as; stationery, office furniture and technology. With an active, online website, access to its services and products is even made easier for potential customers. Ryman also offer special discounts to students. The company offers a wide range of services in business stationery which includes storage boxes, diaries, calendars, files, folders, desk accessories, paper and other items of similar importance. You can order any item by calling them and can make an enquiry about any of their products.
Rayman stationery is offering worldwide delivery services in union with DHL, thus making it easier to reach out to their clients in any part of the world. Whether you are a small-scale business starter or an entrepreneur of a large company, Ryman is easily accessible to fulfil your requirements through their online and in-house print store.
Today, business stationery is the brand identity of your business and it creates a long-lasting impression on the stakeholders and clients. We will now move on to discuss some of the tips to keep in mind while designing business stationery.

Tips On Designing Effective Business Stationery

business stationery tips

A decade back, business stationery was just seen as regular stationery items to convey basic information about a business. This conventional approach towards business stationery has now changed. More and more businesses are now using their personalised stationery items not only to build their brand identity but also for marketing purposes.
Below I have listed 5 essential tips which you need to follow in your business stationery design.

Logo Design

One of the daunting tasks while setting up a business is selecting the logo design. All stationery items of your business will be emblazoned with that customised logo. More than complicated company messages, people tend to remember logos and these logos help build a brand identity.
For logos to be effective, they should clearly display the nature of business. For instance, food and beverages company should have a culinary item as its logo E.g. Cutlery, crockery or bottles.
Colour scheme of the logo also plays an important part; therefore, it should be eye-catching which gets instant attention of people.


Not every company use a slogan to deliver their promise to their customers through, but it is a vital element which should not be neglected. A well-written slogan can attract more clients and stakeholders. It also helps people to identity with your brand, for instance, the Macdonald’s slogan: “I’m loving It”, is identified by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. To print them on your business stationery will create a brand identity for your business.

Year of Establishment

Many well-established companies miss this important information as they consider this a small detail. But often they forget that mentioning the year of establishment will have many benefits for their business. It indicates that the company is prospering over the years which will win your business the trust of potential customers.
Also, a company build over the period of time can be trusted with the experience and expertise of their workers. In this era of start-ups, where new businesses are failing and closing within a short time, businesses who strive more than three years can win their credibility simply by showing that they exist.

Customer Contact Number

Providing your contact information, in case of any trouble, gives positive image of your business among your customers and stakeholders. It conveys a message that you care about your customers and their needs. Also, people often call the helpline to know about the products and services of the company which can bring sales and profit for your business.


With growing competition in the market, every business is trying to excel from others by attaining certificates from internationally recognised agencies. It is to the benefit of any business to display their certificate on their stationery website. The display of these certificates implies that the products and services offered by the company are up to the standard of the global market. This is especially important in attracting foreign clients and winning their custom over your arch-rivals.
Unfortunately, recent trends in business communication have overshadowed the significance of the stationery but it cannot be denied that business stationery with well featured key elements, can have enormous impact on your businesses growth and overall success

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