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A Complete Guide to Brand Printing: Stationary You Need and Why

Brand Printing plays an important role when it comes to reflecting your true brand image and the set of values your business is based on to a bigger audience. It communicates to your target market, and meets your specific marketing objectives. This is an important element in the overall marketing strategy of any business and must be focused on with high priority. A good piece of brand print starts with a clear brief and must define the prime objective of your business. Stationary; is a strong brand printing option that every business, new or established, must explore. In this article we explore the various options available for your business brand printing and why your business might require it. But before we began, we must identify the answers to some of these questions:

  • Who’s my target audience?
  • What I want them to know about me?
  • Is the information relevant to them?
  • What set of actions do I anticipate as a result of this marketing effort?
  • Is this the best way to reach out to my target audience?

Once you are clear about your brand printing objectives, you can start exploring a number of options:

Company Catalogues

Company booklets such as catalogues, company newsletters, profile, broachers, magazines, technical manuals, annual reports, etc are all major contributing factors to the marketing strategy of any business. This is the best way to communicate your business objectives to the targeted audience. It provides you the opportunity to introduce yourself and set up your brand image.

 Business Cards

Just like a first hand shake, this is your fastest gateway to customer relationship building. This not only is the first introduction of your company to current or prospective clients, but provides you the best platform for communicating your brand values. The variety from which you can choose is countless in terms of options available in design, quality, color, shape, finish that suits your brand image well. The design should be highly professional and in best quality as they are the first and the most important networking tool for your business card.

Labels and Notebooks/ Notepads

You can start staying organized with branded notebooks and labels everywhere around the workplace. Notebooks are extraordinary marketing tool, to keep around the workplace, by your telephones or on the off chance gifting it to customers or clients to keep your brand on the top of their minds all the time. Labels create an instant culture of organization and professionalism. They are a good way to keep your records or merchandises organized and depict a professional outlook of the organization.

Rubbers, Stamps, Stickers, Pens

All of these cost effective methods of brand printing is very handy when it comes to marketing your brand. They are small items lying here and there speaking loud your brand name. They create a sense of brand identity when your employees use them in their personal lives, or your client uses them in their workplace, or the amount of competition your competitor faces when he/she founds out your stationary at a client’s site.

Envelopes and Letter Heads

This is the legal identity of any business. It adds to your credibility and depicts a true essence of professionalism and genuineness. This tool is of great importance when it comes down to brand printing. It is a common communication method used by all organizations on daily basis. It is your legal presence in the market and an essential element of your business’s not just marketing rather operational needs.


Have you experienced the difference when a document reaches to you in a presentable form? Delicately folded in a branded folder, a document can reflect professionalism and the level of responsible behavior the sender holds. They are an ideal way of giving a professional look to your documents such as letters, invoices, reports or even proposals that your forward to your client.

With Compliments

Adding a personal touch to your professional messages adds a flavor of long term relationship in every communication that you carry out with your clients. They can often accompany your enclosures or other essential business material that you share with the client on daily basis to add the tinge of care and importance that you hold for your client and give your message a more personalized ‘you’ attitude. Other then the practical benefits your business can avail out of brand printing; there are various ways in which this can help you in promoting your brand on different arenas. You should conduct an in-depth analysis when selecting a brand printing company for your business to ensure best value for money. If you have any customized business printing needs that you want to be addressed in the best possible way, you can talk to us anytime. We will be glad to hear from you.

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