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5 Tips for Handling Your First Complaint As A Print Agency

Nobody likes to hear complaints from their clients, but they can usually be solved and could even offer valuable experience for your organisation. However, your first complaint can be a nerve-wracking and difficult experience to handle. So, here is our pro guide on how to handle your first complaint as a print agency.

Listen Carefully

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Make sure you listen to the customer carefully and understand what has happened and how the consumer has been affected. Were their expectations not met? Was there an issue with your website; for example, did they go through your product listings and were confused about the colour/size/cost of the item purchased? Or was there simply a problem you were not aware of, such as shipping damage or longer time in transit than was offered?

Be attentive to the customer’s concerns and make sure that you are available to swiftly answer their phone call or messages to show that you care about their problem and that you take customer satisfaction very seriously. If a customer comes to the office to make the complaint, then make sure you hear them out and give them your business card with contact details on, so that contacting you in the future is easy.


Stick To The Facts

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Whilst it is important to be attentive and empathetic with the customer and to show concern over their complaint, it is important that you remain focused on the facts: what should have happened, what did happen and what is going to happen now. Sometimes the customer will have more than one complaint and may write this in one message or explain his in one phone call. The important thing is to remain impartial, separate the incidents and stick to the facts. Do not become emotional yourself as this comes across as unprofessional. The situation may be stressful, but do not let this show. Do not become overly defensive of your business; simply take a step back and resolve the issue in the best way you can.

Discuss It With A Partner Or Friend

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Receiving a complaint for the first time can be a very stressful ordeal: dealing with unsatisfied customers and the implications to your business credibility can tsake its toll on your mental health. Be sure to talk to someone you trust, separate from the other business employees, to talk through your worries and feelings. This can be like a release valve, allowing you to unload some fears and anxieties before they build up and become an issue to your work. Doing this allows you to remain relaxed and calm when talking with customers.

If there is no-one available that you can speak to, try penning down your frustration in a personal diary or notepad.

Make A Strategy And Stick To It

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Once you have listened to the complaint and decided on a course of action in dealing with it, stick to this path and inform the customer of what steps you are taking; be it a refund, return or some other solution that you both agree on.

If your solution works and the complaint is dealt with well, use this situation to create a policy for the next time a situation like this arises, based on the experience you had and what you have learned from it.

Look At The Bigger Picture

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It is easy to fall into an argument about who is right or wrong, but it is important to keep an open mind, for the sake of your business. Has the customer helped reveal that there may be some link in your business process that does need revising? Even if not, and you think the customers complaint isn’t entirely genuine, will sticking to your guns and refusing to budge help or hurt your business in the long run? Will appeasing this customer today help your business credibility and brand loyalty? Even if you don’t believe the complaint is entirely justified, could you help solve the customers issue and make adjustments, so this type of complaint cannot happen again?

With the passage of time, you may also see that negative feedback falls in particular areas, pointing the way to developments you could make or things you could communicate more clearly, so it’s a good idea to keep a record of your complaints, so you can revise them at a later date and see if a pattern emerges that you couldn’t see before.

Is it a minor complaint that your looking to resolve quickly? You could offer them a set of personalised Business Cards Nottingham; this way they have received some compensation whilst still using your business and this may help build brand loyalty. 


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