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5 Common Business Cards Don’ts

Business cards – when designed and utilized accurately – can be an awesome marketing instrument. Utilized by businesses and experts to publicize their services or products, they can produce custom and customers.

Sadly, numerous individuals don't get the maximum capacity advantage of passing out their cards since they submit to any or most of the following business card’ mistakes.

Indeed, there's a decent possibility that your business cards are costing your business due to no less than one of the following issues.

In any case, don't stress! We've gathered together 5 of the greatest business card don’ts and gave you some simple solutions. So when it's a great opportunity to re-outline your cards, you'll be prepared to make a right on point design.

In this article we take a shot and investigate the most widely recognized business card mistakes, and how to settle them:

1. An excess of data

Issue: Business cards are just little, so the space is constrained. Obviously it's imperative to incorporate as much data as you can, however in the event that you pack excessively in, the card will look jumbled and will be difficult to peruse.

Solution: Include just basic data, for example, your name, work role or position in the organization, contact phone number, email address and site address. You may likewise need to incorporate a postal address if significant.

2. Insufficient data

Issue: Minimalist design may look great, however they're futile if individuals can't discover your contact points of interest or data about what your brand is putting forth.

Solution: Don't compromise on the content for the sake of design. It's fine to keep it concise, however ensure you incorporate key data and contact points of interest.

3. Text is too small

Issue: Business cards don't take into consideration much space, however any content should be anything but difficult to peruse. In the event that it's too small, individuals won't trouble themselves in trying to read it. Bear in mind that a few people struggle with reading smaller text and would put your card away almost immediately.

Solution: Consider expelling pointless content to make the more essential information more prominent and visible to the readers. Make best use of space to highlight essential text and for that, irrelevant text or graphics can be skipped altogether.

4. Font shading is too light

Issue: Although your brand color may contain lighter shades, do whatever it takes not to utilize them in your content. Delicately hued text styles are not just be difficult to read but also remove the emphasis from the content. And if your business card does not speak out your brand image and what you do. You have lost the chance of gaining attention of a prospect. If the card is not performing its function, its pointless to have them at the first place.

Solution: Using bold color text on light background is an effective way to gain immediate attention. Not only the text stands out and speak your message loud and clear Its visibility makes it difficult to skip. Prospect are more likely to read a word or two at least when the text is emphasized and clear.

5. Conflicting designs

Issue: Brand image is vital, so your business card should coordinate your branding. On the off chance that your card doesn't coordinate your other brand printing materials, it can make disarray in potential clients and make them inapproachable. Your brand is your identity and it reflects your professionalism. Having disparity in design and themes can lead to projection of non-professional image.

Solution: Design your business cards with a similar shading plans, logos and text styles as you use on your site and other brand printing materials. Having a unanimous theme depicts professionalism, discipline and expertise in your work.

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