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15 Ways of Creating a Seriously Brilliant Print Ads

It can be so easy to overlook the art of print ads in today’s digitalised media. However, the medium has stayed as useful and impactful as vintage posters have always been. No matter if its a small-scale magazine or an immense billboard advertising, print ads are still majorly important for businesses.

As Paul Arden said in his book ‘It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be’: "Print advertising should be recognisable at a hundred paces, and it should be obvious who it's an ad for without seeing the brand name."

Irrespective of the medium, you still require a concept that is going to stick in your audience’s minds. These 15 seriously brilliant ideas with examples of print ads do just that.

Use Double PagePrinting Services NottinghamWe often loose the impact of the double page ad by just placing in text and not creatively utilising the space we have. Look at this ad of DHL and how creatively they have used the concept of double page. Just put on your thinking hat and design something creative that tells your company’s story in a new way. Choose the right print ad company and you are on your journey of a fabulous ad with long lasting impact.

Use the FoldPrinting Services NottinghamA little use of creativity can have a great impact. Folds have always been an effective way of using print ads. However they will not work if not utilised properly like in the example below.

Paper Quality

Printing services NottinghamBy just changing the quality and type of paper used in the print ad you can bring a lasting impact on your readers mind. Have a look at this ad: I think you will agree that it is clever and effective, despite the lack of content.

Centre Page Ads

Printig in NottinghamCentre Page adverts are often more expensive than other pages, but with prime placement and the options for some very creative ideas they can be highly effective advert choices.

Make your audience have a second look

Printing in NottinghamNo one enjoys heavily congested traffic – aside from maybe motorcyclists who can evade and weave through trucks and like a labyrinth. Honda Motorcycles catches this thought in a progression of print advertisements that component an assortment of vehicles contorted and laid out like a maze.

Using Animals in Ads

Adverts just have seconds to catch our attention. Most utilise this by appealing expressions or jingles that stay with us. This company, however has taken things a bit differently.  By picking animals for their promotions, as well as creative and amusing advertising, you are far more likely to remember what the business offered. Here is an ad of lifebuoy: “You eat, what you touch!”

Create a Sense of Social Responsibility

printing in Nottingham

Creating adverts that focus on social issues is a great way of promoting your brand in print ads. This is a print ad by the toothpaste brand ‘Colgate’ that makes you think.

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Work with Creative Formats

business cards NottinghamAdding a touch of creativity to the basic formats used in print ads can have a long-lasting impact on your audience. This print ad for Alzheimer’s Day is designed by Publicis in Belgian on the concept of memory loss. The ad depicts ink dissolving or washing away, reminiscent of memory of Alzheimer patients memories.

Adding creative graphic effectsPrinitng in Nottingham

This is a print ad by KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) designed by Zane Zhou, along with LamanoStudio in Chile. The concept of ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ chicken is promoted by different daily use items opening up their mouth to have a taste of KFC. You put the message together yourself, based on your understanding of the good taste of KFC and having greasy fingers to unlock a phone.

Accepting the Facts

Printing ads 

Sometimes bad things happen to your business, and you can try to ignore them, or you can utilise them and turn them into strengths. The following adverts came from a report stating that more Burger King restaurants have burned down than any other fast food restaurant since 1954. So they have turned it into a advertising campaign based on their guarantee that they don’t fry their burgers, they flame-grill them!

Using Taglines

prinitng services nottingham

Jeep published this print ad with a tag line “See what you see”. The ad went viral giving a major boost to its sales. The ad shows a face of a cow and upside down it can be seen as a penguin. Impressive as an advertising campaign as it doesn’t even mention their product, but relies on the fascinating idea of this optical illusion.

Target the Bad Effects

Prinitng services Nottingham

The best way to sell your product or service is not just by explaining its plus points, rather how it can help you avoid the negative ones. One of the strongest motivators for humans is fear, and by assuaging some of those fears, you will entice more customers to your business.

Keep it Simple

printing in Nottingham

The masters in print advertisement, Ogilvy & Mather, again proved themselves with this clever ad. This is a print ad on allergy medicine Gripex. Simply by using a different colour to focus on the main benefit of the medicine, this ad is sure a pop out from the page!

Transforming Objects into Something Relatable

printing in nottingham

This very simple yet aesthetically appealing print ad makes the concept easy to understand and stay in the mind of the viewer. This ad shows a bike machinery which becomes body machinery promoting the health benefits of cycling. 

Turn your Brand Name into an Adjective

prinitng services in nottingham

Turning your brand into an adjective makes it a commonly used word. This causes a constant brand reminder and stays in the mind of your target audience. Obviously not an easy thing to do, but if you can, your business will certainly feel the effects of it. Here is an example of how Nutella has made its name relatable.

These creative print ads are fantastic feats of advertising. The creativity used in these ads does not only make them memorable in the mind of the audience but also brings a major impact on the brand image. There are many ways in which you can make your ads creative.Just remember to put on your thinking hats and choose the right printing company who are the masters of their game!

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